Tracking the French media: Acrimed

A website really worth getting to know for those interested in tracking French responses to the crisis and the media’s role in shaping them is the site of Acrimed (Action – Critique -Medias), a French media observatory. The site has recently looked at media accounts of the ‘radicalisation’ of protest (here) and of public responses to the disruption of transport (here). Acrimed was established in the period following the strike wave of 1995 which was also triggered by pension reform. As its aims state (here), it seeks to bring together the professional knowledge of media workers, the theoretical knowledge of intellectuals and the political know-how of militants. This attempt to a) find ways to prolong the immediate effects of actions and b) to bring together practical and theoretical knowledges suggests a highly self-conscious awareness of some of the weaknesses that typically bedevil radical movements.

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