UK students’ protests over funding cuts

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece here that attempted to explain the lack of reaction to cuts in the UK, in contrast to France where there was a wave of mass protest at the time. I ended that piece by suggesting that the poll tax protests showed that, even in apparently unfavourable contexts, people would take to the streets if the sense of unfairness was marked enough. Current student protests would seem to confirm this. In a piece here Michael Chanan talks about the new forms of organisation that characterise current mobilisations and gives links to a series of agitational videos. The Times Higher gives twitter links to the different university occupations here. Links to individual university occupations can be found at the following:


York sit in (facebook page):




Kings, London





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1 Response to UK students’ protests over funding cuts

  1. Nicolas Delhopital says:

    Dear Martin,

    Thank you so much for your restless will to awake the British (and French!) consciences.
    What you say is the key problem: how can people realize that a political decision is unfair when the government, most of the media, the “experts” tell you the contrary all day long? It’s the great mission of universities to think and speak loud. So is it a surprise that when a policy is unfair they are the first ones targeted ?
    All the best!
    Nicolas Delhopital

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