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Main Street moves against Wall Street

Rick Wolff At last, the first signs that politicians are heeding popular anger at the austerity measures imposed to pay for bankers’ greed When the current economic crisis hit, the Obama campaign blew away Bush and McCain by promising hope, … Continue reading

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Mediapart launches FrenchLeaks

Access to information, and the free circulation of information, is an elementary right for every citizen. In a move to strengthen and enlarge the scope of this fundamental public freedom, Mediapart has created a website dedicated to the publication of … Continue reading

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Poor and powerless: the Paris suburb where slumlords rule the roost

By La rédaction de Mediapart The privately-owned, 1960s-built ‘Chêne Pointu’ housing estate in the run-down Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois contains 1,500 apartments. Slumlords rule the roost here, where more than two-thirds of inhabitants live below the poverty line and insalubrious, … Continue reading

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