Opposing the cuts in the UK

The Conservative / Lib. Dem. coalition has enjoyed considerable success in pushing the old Thatcherite line ‘there is no alternative’ (Tina) about the cuts, using a mix of folk economics (‘maxing out on the cheque book’) and scaremongering (‘we’ll end up like Greece’) to help block any serious debate of the issue. In this they have been abetted by the quiescence, active support or laziness of much of the media (drilling down to gauge the local effects of myriad cuts is hard work) and the reluctance of the Labour party to risk seeming economically ‘unsafe.’ It has largely been left to groups outside the old political mainstream to provide a more serious challenge to orthodoxies. This site, False Economy, is well worth looking at for those seeking to access alternative and critical sources of information. It brings together expert opinion (a vital resource, given the unease of most of us when confronted with economic questions), reports from on the ground about the impact of the cuts across a range of areas (culture, health, education etc.) and news of planned actions.

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