Occupy France

On 11/11/11 the occupy movement that has swept the globe in recent weeks finally appeared to start in earnest in France. In a move mirroring their international counterparts, the Occupy France movement have set up encampments in Paris and in the provinces and have been involved in a number of actions to help raise the profile of their cause in France. The following France Culture programme on ‘L’indignation qui gronde…’ (via the (ré)ecouter section) provides an overview of the movement thus far. The movement’s website gives an idea of the aims and objectives and the twitter feed @OccupyFR is also a rich source of information. Also worth following is the website of the France Uncut movement and their twitter feed @fruncut.

The reaction of the authorities has been to send in the police in order to prevent the protesters from establishing a permanent camp like that of their US counterparts as evidenced by this video of CRS clearing the encampment at la Défense. Other examples of action can be found in this collection of video footage taken from the protests.

This Arte resource on the international dimension of the Indignés movement gives an idea of the magnitude of this global protest and this recent Guardian article asks if 2011 can be compared to other key historical moments such as 1968 and 1989.

The following links will take you to other useful sources of information on the French and global indignés movements:

Rue 89; LibérationL’Express

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