Another great series of talks on the crisis

With the same interviewer as for the talks mentioned in the blog immediately below, Antoine Mercier seeks new approaches to the crisis from a range of leading intellectuals from disciplines such as sociology, history, philosophy, economics or the arts. Some of the leading voices in the series are: radical philosopher Alain Badiou, Spinozist philosopher / psychologist Miguel Benasayag (always worth listening to),  committed philosopher and historian of science, Isabelle Stengers, and philosopher urbanist and legendary theorist of speed and acceleration, Paul Virilio: sociologists Jean-Pierre le Goff (author of a noted book on 1968) and Christian Laval and Pierre Dardot (authors of an important book on neo-liberal governance, La Nouvelle raison du monde); leading critical economists Yann Moulier-Boutang (noted for his work on cognitive capitalism) and Frédéric Lordon (one of the most important voices on the crisis and on issues such as pension ‘reform’). There are a host of other voices. Together they bear witness to the prominent place of intellectuals in French public life and the unrivalled richness of French intellectual responses to neo-liberalism and the crisis. The talks are here.

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