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Europe in crisis: a satirical take from Greece

Europe has perhaps been in crisis for longer than we think, given that the elite driven move to marketization and a neo-liberal model has even less of a mandate at a pan-EU level than in individual countries, not least because … Continue reading

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Lazzarato and the governmental power of debt: La Fabrique de l’homme endetté or The Making of Indebted Man

There can have been few more timely recent books than Maurizio Lazzarato’s La Fabrique de l’homme endetté, originally published by les Editions Amsterdam in 2011 and now published in translation by MIT press as The Making of Indebted Man. An … Continue reading

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Student movement in Quebec

Showing admirable stamina and no little inventiveness, students in Quebec have been mobilising for much of the year in opposition to government plans for a sharp increase in their tuition fees. News of their latest demonstration can be found here. … Continue reading

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