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Trading Clichés, evacuating critique: the debate over Sunday shopping in France

Where Sunday trading has long been entrenched in British culture, it is still heavily regulated in France, limited to certain trades, some of which (furniture but not DIY tools) seem something of a misnomer. Despite calls to relax these laws, … Continue reading

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Boundary problems : Beur / banlieue / political film in the context of contemporary French Cinema

In a very interesting recent article published in the journal Contemporary French and Francophone Studies (16:1, 2012, pp. 55-68), French film scholar Panivong Norindr laments the way in which other scholars (including the author of this blog entry!) have tended … Continue reading

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The reconfiguration of European Space: French and Italian responses to migration after the Arab spring

Following the Arab Uprisings of 2011 and the subsequent migration of those fleeing the war in Libya and political upheaval in Tunisia, the small island of Lampedusa has become synonymous with death, conflict and statelessness. This week, a ship carrying … Continue reading

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