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Boundary problems : Beur / banlieue / political film in the context of contemporary French Cinema

In a very interesting recent article published in the journal Contemporary French and Francophone Studies (16:1, 2012, pp. 55-68), French film scholar Panivong Norindr laments the way in which other scholars (including the author of this blog entry!) have tended … Continue reading

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Film and debt 2: calculable and incalculable debts in the films of the Dardenne brothers

In one of the seminal works on debt, David Graeber describes how the Spanish conquistadores were driven on by what they needed to repay: the leadership by money owed back home in Europe, the fighting men by the indebtedness imposed … Continue reading

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Film and debt 1: self-investment, evaluation and governance in the work of Laurent Cantet

Earlier on this blog, I wrote a piece (here) summing up arguments developed by Maurizio Lazzarato in his La Fabrique de l’homme endetté (Editions Amsterdam, 2011), an important work, now available in English as The Making of Indebted Man (MIT, 2012). … Continue reading

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Cartographiez les coupes dans les budgets de la culture

As the crisis deepens and its consequences are increasingly felt on the ground, an interesting project has been launched to help take stock of the magnitude of its impact on  the cultural sector. Teaming up with the Guardian and several … Continue reading

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Culture and the crisis

Leading French journal Esprit gives a list of cultural works that address the crisis here. Its editorial on the difficulty of representing the current crisis and the need nonetheless to represent it can be found here.

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Experimental film / video and the crisis

There have recently been a cluster of French mainstream films that can be seen to engage with the crisis and its fallout in one way or another. Some of them are discussed in French here.  There has also been a … Continue reading

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Video artist Joan Loague and Occupy Wall St.

Noted video portrait artist, Joan Logue has been documenting the “Occupy Wall Street” event since it began to until December 7th. Her pieces ( here ) are short takes on Occupy actions and activity around in Zuccotti park and Brooklyn, … Continue reading

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