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Žižek’s critique of Badiou’s response to the November attacks

In his recently published Against the Double Blackmail (Penguin, 2016), Žižek noted his response to Alain Badiou’s judgement (summarized here) on the Paris massacres of November 2015. He agrees broadly with Badiou’s analysis and especially that there is no emancipatory … Continue reading

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Alain Badiou on the 13th November Paris massacres

Badiou laid out his reaction to the co-ordinated Paris terror attacks of November 13th in a seminar delivered in Aubervilliers ten days after the events. Since then, his thoughts have been transcribed and published in a little book entitled Notre mal vient … Continue reading

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Using the work of Maurizio Lazzarato to understand subjection in the contemporary British university

Previously on this blog (here), I provided an account of Maurizio Lazzarato’s elegant, concise and persuasive book on debt. What I’d like to do here is take some of the main insights from two later works, Governing by Debt (Semiotext(e) / … Continue reading

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L’histoire est dans la rue: L’Écotaxe and the Crisis in Brittany

Saturday 2 November witnessed a mass demonstration in Quimper, Brittany. Anywhere between 15,000-30,000 people were in attendance protesting for the suppression of the l’écotaxe in Brittany. This tax will target and charge the most polluting vehicles using the French road … Continue reading

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The Political Economy of Obama’s Re-Election by Rick Wolff

The Right just suffered a defeat, the middle continues to weaken amid elusive economic recovery and the resurgent Left in Europe grows and strengthens. Many conditions for resurgence of OWS or its reincarnation are in place. Capitalism’s crises, especially when deep … Continue reading

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Cartographiez les coupes dans les budgets de la culture

As the crisis deepens and its consequences are increasingly felt on the ground, an interesting project has been launched to help take stock of the magnitude of its impact on  the cultural sector. Teaming up with the Guardian and several … Continue reading

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Lazzarato and the governmental power of debt: La Fabrique de l’homme endetté or The Making of Indebted Man

There can have been few more timely recent books than Maurizio Lazzarato’s La Fabrique de l’homme endetté, originally published by les Editions Amsterdam in 2011 and now published in translation by MIT press as The Making of Indebted Man. An … Continue reading

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